About team licenses

How does the team get access to the course after purchase?

After you purchase a team package, you'll get a unique license code to distribute to your team members. You can find this license code on your account page. This code is valid for the number of seats you have purchased. Team members can then use this code to get 100% off their course purchase.

You can access your code any time via your account/administrator page. You will be able to track how many times the code has been used, which team members / emails have used it, as well as see how many seats you have left.

What's included in a team package?

Each team members will have full, unlimited access to all the content of the course, as well as all of its future updates.

Can I purchase additional seats later?

Yes. You can purchase additional seats via your account / team administrator page.

Do you offer Purchasing Power Parity for team licenses?

Not at the moment, sorry. This may change in the future. Team packages do come with bulk discounts starting at 5% for 5+ seats and up to 35% for 80–100 seats.

Will I get a receipt for my purchase?

Right after purchasing, you will be emailed a receipt/invoice from Paddle, our merchant. You will be able to edit the recipient details on the receipt/invoice and add whatever name and address (and VAT number) that you need.

Do you offer refunds or payment plans?

Due to the large nature of team packages, refunds and payment plans are not available.

Want a custom-tailored in-house workshop for your team instead? Send me an email to sara@practical-accessibility.today.